Notification of Research

Note: Information provided on this form may be publicised on the RAIN website. Please only report on research that you would like publicised.

Research Access and Information Network (RAIN) is an SVHA initiative that aims to engage members of the community in health research. It is a web-based system which provides information about health research and access to research studies.

By making research more accessible we aim to increase awareness of health research, provide opportunities for community engagement and provide our researchers with the benefit of local knowledge and experience.  

As part of the RAIN initiative, we would like to understand what current research is being undertaken. This information may be published on the website and in a quarterly newsletter which will be sent to participants as part of our engagement strategy. We would also like to understand the best ways to provide information to people who may wish to join up to the network.

If you would like your research, or research you may be involved in, publicised through any of the RAIN mediums, please complete the form below.